The Antenna Distribution System AVA is a very flexible distribution solution for short wave communication applications.

The AVA series is furnished into a single 19-inch 2 HU slide-in unit so its small footprint allows for flexible integration into the application environment.

The AVA series covers the frequency range from 10 kHz to 30 MHz providing the non-blocking switching distribution of up to 4 antenna inputs to max 20 receiver outputs

The AVA series can be powered from a standard AC and/or DC (battery) mains supply.

The AVA 10 series is available in various configurations with 1 - 4 inputs and up to 10 outputs.

The AVA 20 series is available in various configurations with 1 - 4 inputs and up to 20 outputs.

There are no restrictions concerning the assignment of antennas to receivers. All receivers can also be assigned to one antenna without any reduction of power.

The antenna distribution system is controlled and monitored in local operation from the front panel and in remote operation through a LAN interface. A serial remote control interface is also available.

An integrated control unit monitors the distribution system. The antenna/receiver configuration is stored so that after a mains failure or after switching off the system the previous switching conditions are automatically restored.

A passive bypass option allows uninterrupted reception of one antenna signal in case of power lost.

Flexible configuration to meet application needs

Fast input to output switching

Switchable input attenuator (automatic – 0dB – 6dB – 20dB)

Input protection 2 kV 50 ms

Remote power feeding of active antennas supported

Monitoring of active antennas, preamplifiers and channel amplifiers

Number of inputs and outputs according to customer requirement

Special preamplifiers available for limitation of frequency range, passive bypass, further applications

No restriction concerning antenna selection.

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