The Antenna Distribution System AVS is a very flexible distribution solution for short wave communication applications.

The standard versions furnished into a single 19-inch 4 HU slide-in unit provide the non-blocking switching distribution of up to 8 antenna inputs and up to 40 receiver outputs.

The system can be extended to provide the distribution of up to 16 antennas to 120 receivers.

The standard AVS A Series supports the frequency range from 10 kHz to 30 MHz.

The standard AVS B Series supports the frequency range from 1.5 MHz kHz to 30 MHz.

Such system consists of a master unit (8 inputs and 40 outputs), to which slave units, pre-distributors and/or relay matrices are added dependent on the extension stage. An integrated control unit monitors the system and sets up the connection with the computer via network or RS232/RS422 interface

Relay matrices are added if more than 8 inputs are required.

Active pre-distributors are applied if more than 40 outputs are required. They distribute in each case 8 inputs to nx8 outputs so that further antenna distributors can be connected in parallel.

The system will be configured according to customer needs.

Specific Features

The integrated operating/control unit monitors the system and provides local or remote operation of the antenna distributor system.

Remote control via network interface (standard) or serial RS232/RS422 interface

Owing to the high flexibility of the AVS system the user has the possibility to determine the number of inputs between 4 and 16 (in steps of 4) and the number of outputs between 10 and 120 (in steps of 10).

Pre-configured switch conditions are stored so that after a mains failure or after switching off the system the previous switching conditions are automatically restored.


The frequency range of the antenna distributor system is usually 1,5 – 30 MHz. However, it is possible to extend some or all inputs to the frequency range from 10 kHz – 30 MHz resp. to narrow the frequency range through further filters.

A remote power feeding system (AAN 800) is available to feed a DC voltage to connected active antennas.

Distribution systems with more than 16 inputs or more than 120 outputs are available.

In order to increase the operational reliability system control and/or the power supply can be provided redundantly.

The antenna distributor system can also be delivered mounted into a 19“-Rack, ready for operation.

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