aas.tech active and cage antennas onboard of Corvette Class 130

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The aas.tech GmbH & Co. KG is a provider of transmission technology and communication systems with a focus on active and passive antenna systems, receiving and transmission technology. Our business range covers design, development, construction, manufacture, sales, project management, installation, commissioning, training, and services.

Regarding the robust construction and the use of weatherproof materials our antennas can be used under extreme environmental conditions.

Active Monopoles

The active monopole receiving antennas provide omnidirectional characteristics in the long-, medium- and short-wave bands covering the frequency range from 10 kHz – 100 MHz.

Active Dipoles

The active dipole receiving antennas provide a large bandwidth and dynamic range for the medium- and short-wave bands covering the frequency range from 1.5 MHz – 30 MHz. With our active monopoles the active dipole antenna can be extended to an active receiving combination antenna system.

Remote Power Supplies

Remote power supplies are applicable to supply an active antenna with the needed remote power feeding through the coaxial cable. Different types of active antennas are supported.

The aas.tech distributors of the AVA, AVB and AMC-A series already provide a switchable remote power feeding so in such applications a separate remote power supply is not needed.

Cage Antennas

Cage antennas are used for wideband short wave communication applications. They are applicable for transmission and reception needs. With a broadband antenna matching unit of the AAPG series an impedance of approximately 50 Ohm is achieved over a wide frequency range.

Antenna Matching Units

The antenna matching unit (AAPG) correctly matches the complex impedance of an antenna to the transmitter over a wide frequency range. No retuning of the matching elements is required during operation.

VHF Antennas

These antennas are used for transmitting and receiving VHF communication needs on board of seagoing vessels.


We offer useful accessories for our products, such as insulators, holders and masts, for completion or for spare parts.



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